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After the resounding worldwide response received for SaMaaGaMa 2011 & 2012, eAmbalam is delighted to host SaMaaGaMa 2013 – Chennai’s Unique, Interactive Outdoor Festival of Free Workshops and Performances on the 20th, 21st and 22nd December, 2013 at the Nageshwara Rao Park, Mylapore, Chennai - 4.

It is a unique three day outdoor festival containing a series of performances and workshops on Carnatic Music, Personality development through Bharatanatyam, Hindustani, Bharathanatyam, Fusion Music, Contemporary Classical Dance, Mythological Storytelling, Wellness & more.

The SaMaaGaMa festival wishes to expose laymen to Indian classical performing arts and also give the many students and performers, who descend on Chennai during the famed music and dance season in December, an opportunity to learn and interact with senior artists and scholars in the field, while getting to see their performances.

SaMaaGaMa is open to:

  • The layman who is interested in performing arts
  • Children who can explore their artistic talents
  • Singers and dancers who wants to fine tune their performances
  • Students who want to know the nuances of various melodies and rhythms
  • Enthusiastic people who want to enjoy the freshness and freedom of the fine arts

This confluence-SaMaaGaMa-of workshops & performances by international stalwarts across genres is intended to nurture the music and dance elements in all of us. It is for this purpose that the festival of learning and performance has been designated FREE!

Ambalam is looking forward to welcome all Rasikas to benefit from this ‘One of its kind’ event, a ‘Unique inter- active outdoor festival of learning and performing’.