Testimonials (2013)


This meditation is very useful to me. I got relief from some distractions Thank you very much - V.Nandhini

Dr.Shilpa Pandit conducting the meditation course was excellent and was very pleasing as well enjoying. Good luck-M. Prabhakar

Nice, feel good- N. Madhan Chandar

Wonderful initiative! Keep it up!!- S. Jayanthi

It was good to attend the meditation workshop, especially on a December morning. It was really rejuvenating. - C. Sundararaman

It is good for the mind & for goodness of the society. Nice program!-K. Ganesh

Excellent programme Conducted well by Dr.Shilpa. - P. Ashok Kumar

Very simple but very useful to bring our mind in peace & calm - K. Ramaraju

Very Nice - A. Mathurai Pandian


Well structured and beautifully demonstrated through live singing. Simplified in parts yet scholarly-Sharada Suresh

It is a great opportunity for our students to listen to a wonderful concert today. It is a gift for them to be exposed to Carnatic music. Thank you so much- Olcott Memorial High School


Excellent show runs by Mrs. Archana, beyond something what we expected. Really useful for my kid. She enjoyed a lot- Rama Sriram

Great work, it’s very useful program all the best to carry on this good cause to everyone. Best wishes - D. Nagaraja Prabu(Managing Director, Green Stallion network)

Excellent! It will be very useful for children as well as an adult. Innovative way of dealing with the subject- Suresh Seshan

Personality development through dance was unheard of, improving vision, time management, confidence by learning dance is a great option. Thanks for All! - Tilak


It really brings refreshment to the people in the very good morning and the play is fantastic- K. Pushpalatha

Very attractive and very nice to give good mantel health for public- K Ramachandran

Useful tips from Mr.Vinay on yoga were good and will be helpful in future for beginners- Tilak

I am beginner & it was very helpful. I got an idea about what yoga is and how it helps- Krishnan

Extremely good! Good articulation & Concept Communication- S. Baskaran

Thought provoking, simple & practical- T.P Ram

Very interesting, got many thoughts about yoga, thanks to Vinay Sir, useful and enjoyable. - D. Bhuwaneswari

Want to learn more- F. Anant Frances

A good exposure- D.P.S Verma

Excellent!!!- Shanthi Chandrasekar

The workshop was very informative to understand the importence of self exploration, self awareness through yogic practices. Thank you! - S. Lakshmi Narayanan

I enjoyed well- A.Viswanathan

You could reach to the audience. Good! - Rajeshwari Mohan

Mr. Vinay explained in a lucid manner to all to understand. Thanks! - K. Ananthakrishna


I am very much happy to have been able to attend this workshop. In fact, I would have liked to have written this feedback in Thamizh, but I am afraid of committing many mistakes since I haven't studied it in school. I am really very proud to have Thamizh as my mother tongue and understand comprehend the thought and music presented. Thank you very much. -V.R. Aparna

It's very useful to music & dance students - Thenuka. K

It's very useful to music & dance students - Baskaran Abiramy

It's very useful and also it helps me to understand the rich history and evolution of music & Bharathanatyam from the older days to the modern era- Thularaga Annamalainathan

The workshop gave a very interesting and detailed insight to the history and development of Thamizh music. The oratory skill of Dr.Raghuraman was highly impressive with at most clarity of speech. This came out with time mix of the enchanting music delivered by Dr. Vanathy -G.Jayakrishnan

It is interesting to know the history of Tamil music from its initial days. Also the way of conducting the workshop that is along with music & lecture also wonderful and an innovative one - N.Srividhya

Really a very good effort! Kindly do it in North Madras & other areas in Chennai. Really enjoyed it! Thanks from the depth of my Heart- M. Esakkiyappan

Thanks for arranging the program on Thamizh Isai, very informative. Arrange more programs on Tamil music and literature as requested by Dr. Raghuram as well - Tilak


Well organised. Thanks - Rajesh Krishnan

Excellent performance! Thoroughly enjoyed, keep up and good wish. - S. Srikanth

Excellent Gottuvadhyam recital by Shri. Durgaprasadh! Good setting in the park! - Rangarajan

A very interesting & innovative effort! Wish all success. - V. Parthasarathy


Excellent performance, very good ambiance & well organised- V.V. Soundara Rajan

She is a very marvellous singer! -A. Kalavathy

Programme is very nice & excellent- S. Jayalakshmi

It is very beautiful, wonderful and nice music of Lakshmi Sreeram Madam -T. Thenmozhi

I am very glad to be here, all alabhanais are very nice. Presentation is so good. She is a versatile musician -S. Balambika

She gave a musical treat-K. Ruba Devi

Nice music programme refreshing the mind in the cold winter morning- H. Suresh

Excellent!!!- Aparna

Excellent performance and wonderful arrangements by SaMaaGaMa- K. Ramesh

Concert was excellent! Brilliant singing came in the middle of the concert. She sang Jonpuri Bhajan with explanation. It was to touching. Organising a concert in an open air in a pleasant atmosphere was really amazing. It is a service of the nature because music is derived from the nature-I. Padmakumar

Beautiful, got my message that we need to enjoy the process. - Neeraja Jayaraman

Good and enjoyable-Premnath.V

Excellent- Jaisuresh

Excellent programme and ambience - Thanks a ton to eAmbalam! - Suresh Kumar B

I could not make out when the half hour that I spent there. Thanks many times to the organizers of this event! - S.Munusami

Great effort, surprised to see music and art programme happening in N. Park. In open area with wonderful atmosphere, it was heavenly experience. Kudos to organisation- R. Padmanaban

Very well organised! Hope to see your workshop more often-Sujay.N

Great music @ brilliant setting! Well organised, Kudos to you all! - Adhithi

Music has no language it was "Wow!"- Nalini krishnan